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    1. Welcome to the 52-Day Unfair Advantage Experience

    1. Day 1 - Asking Is Proof of Humility.

    1. Day 2 - Becoming The Person Who Is Helping To Change Other Lives.

    1. Day 3 - Miracles Don’t Always Look Like Miracles, To Begin With.

    2. Day 3 : Survey

    1. Day 4 - The Goal Is To Experience A Life Transformation.

    1. Day 5 - Place Your Hunger For God Above Every Other Appetite In Your Life.

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John "Robby" Eddy

John Eddy


John "Robby" Eddy is the author of The Unfair Advantage: My Story of Conquering the Beast of Addiction. A former federal convict with a long list of arrests, addictions, jail stints, five DUI's, two OD's, and years of raging alcoholism, Robby's life has been miraculously transformed by the stunning power of God and the daily practical application of the Twelve Steps. Today Robby is more than ten years sober, happily married, and a successful contractor in the West Palm Beach area. He is actively involved helping others find sobriety - the Twelfth Step. Robby is available to speak and share with groups, churches, and individuals.