John "Robby" Eddy

Evangelist, Father, Husband Business Man, Author

John "Robby" Eddy is the author of The Unfair Advantage: My Story of Conquering the Beast of Addiction. A former federal convict with a long list of arrests, addictions, jail stints, five DUI's, two OD's, and years of raging alcoholism, Robby's life has been miraculously transformed by the stunning power of God and the daily practical application of the Twelve Steps. Today Robby is more than ten years sober, happily married, and a successful contractor in the West Palm Beach area. He is actively involved helping others find sobriety - the Twelfth Step. Robby is available to speak and share with groups, churches, and individuals. This 52-Day Experience is built around one thought, one goal, and one path, subdivided into 52 Days. The hardest step toward any lasting change will always be the first one. Taking that step is about starting …and starting NOW. Though it might not be convenient or perhaps even a bit uncomfortable, to begin with… there will never be a better time than NOW. This is not a discussion on the need for a change in your life. This is a plan of action! This is a commitment to work toward those changes for the next 52 days by simply following and participating in this plan… just one day at a time. It’s simple enough that anyone with a fourth-grade education can follow it perfectly. On average, The Unfair Advantage 52-Day Recovery Plan requires four minutes of effort per day. Multiply that by 52 and that’s less than four hours of total investment. Four hours of investment is very small in comparison to the life-altering rewards that will take place. IT’S TOO GOOD TO NOT BELIEVE IT. Everyone can recover by following what I am prescribing regardless of the issue or issues that have spun your life beyond your control. You can and you will recover if you follow this out … it is just 52 days.